Home and Unfinished Business

I say their voices are silent

My mailbox is empty and the ringer is silent.

The money between us is a moldy green

Locked in a box,  the keyhole is silent.

Beneath the bed is a photo

Dads moustache is curled but the smile is silent.

The boardwalk between us, coins in my hand

The ocean  was grey, the seagulls  silent.

My brother counted cars until the street was empty,

The neighbors departed, my mother silent.

In dreams that house is burning.

I wake up the opposite of silent.

My name is Aura. Call me Aura.

I am a banner of brown skin,

Cursing the walls, refusing to stay silent. 

Who Am I

At birth I am silent breath

Escaping brown lips I am pressed to the sun in warm sand.

~Aura Valdes



Aura Valdes  is a  non binary  trans spoken word artist  based in Tucson AZ.   Over the last 15 years   improvisational wordplay,  collage , erotic art and  photography  has become the foundation for several projects. 

Aura continues to work as a commuity organizer with  QtpocFest , a festival celebrating Tucson’s Queer and/or Trans People of Color. 

Aura has performed at Tucson Poetry Fest,  Owls club Poetry Series, Artistic Inqueeries,  Gender Unbound Festival in Austin Texas, as well as the Trans Symposium  at  University of Arizona. 

In a recent collection, Aura  wrote :  “My work pieces together a narrative of queerness.  My body was built for the in between spaces, and I am an expression of that.”

*Pronouns : They/Them*




Gender Unbound Austin TX